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How A Simple Drop Card Will Explode Your Offline Business Marketing Strategies

Lets not make offline mlm marketing strategies any harder than they need to be. Lets rid any of those uncomfortable face-to-face pitches with strangers 3 feet away. Lets make marketing fun shall we?! This business is meant to be FUN!!! Order some drop cards and you can start generating leads on auto-pilot. So what is a drop card? Well it has similiar characteristics as a normal $100 note, but is half in size. You can write your tag line and website address. Keep it simple. Create curiosity. These MLM marketing strategies should be carried out when you are out living your life. Don't just go out with the intention of dropping these cards. Just drop them when you are already out. Time management. :) 1. Drop Card Tip #1 - drop it on the floor When folded, it can be mistaken for a real note, especially when seen from a distance, say on the floor when someone walks along. It will entice them to reach down and pick it up with excitement in anticipation of a real $100 note. The less cynical will likely find the drop card is not a real dollar bill and be intrigued to find out more. This is why you should try to be bried in your tag line...just create curiosity. If they do not want it then it is likely they will just throw it back on the ground and will be marketing for you again. You need a place to send these prospects. Might I suggest a capture page. One that you created rather than a hyped up replica website given to you when you join your mlm company. If you do not know how to create a professional high converting capture page, I can help you. Make sure that your drop cards are dropped in random spread out areas so that you don't leave a trail. haha! The idea is to lead them to your website, not your house. ;) If the envoronment permits then you can record a video or picture of someone picking it up, so you can use it for marketing. Drop Card locations might include: * at an event * in the shopping mall * on an aeroplane * on a bus * in a restaurant 2. Drop Card Tip #2 - place inside books and magazines target audience would read. For exampleArticle Submission, "The Greatest Secret In The World" by Og Mandino or "Cashflow Quadrant" by Robert Kiyosaki or lastly but not least..."The Secret." This book in particular has a chapter in it called "Prosperity". Place it inside that chapter and your prospect is going to be flabbergasted by how fast "The Secret" actually works! :) The individuals reading these titled books are the sort of people you want in your business. Network Marketing is a journey of personal growth. You need people involved in it already. Its perfect! Drop Card locations might include: * personal growth books * business magazines * home based business magazines * stay at home mum magazines * expensive sports car magazines * christmas card envelopes * wedding magazines * architecture magazines Start dropping your own cards by visiting us at: dollardropcards
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