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Milionaire Internet Wealth Building Teacher Looking For Students

About Russell DotComSecrets, lead by Internet Multi-Millionaire owner Russell Brunson, has helped thousands of students from around the world to apply Internet marketing strategies to make money online. Russell and his team focus on teaching small businesses the simple steps to getting their brick and mortar business online, visible, and generating as many new customers as possible. DotComSecrets and Russell’s vision is to empower and increase local business by using the power of the internet to increase exposure and profits. Russell Brunson started his own online business when he was a student at Boise State University. One of his first products was a simple DVD teaching people how to build a potato gun. Although it was a simple product, the invaluable marketing skills he has learned from that point forward have transformed his one-man business into the industry giant it is today. Today DotComSecrets and Russell teach tens of thousands of students from all over the world to start, build and promote their businesses online. His successes have been featured on ABC, NBC and Fox news. I like to be able to decide I want to take a flight to day. I don't know where I don't know where and I don't know why. That's me .. What kind of options would YOU like to have? Maybe some of you would like to fly to Scotland and golf for a month. I say. DO IT. Or maybe you're the casual type. who just wants to chill at home with an aquarium with 20k fish. These are YOUR options not mine.. Maybe there's a classic car you've had your eye on.. Maybe you take a month to just completely UNPLUG. from everything and rejuvenate.. Maybe that's an option you want. Maybe there's an unfinished project you started with your son.. And you'd like to finish it. I don't know. But YOU KNOW. The opportunity is unlimited. You can truly change your life and it's only a decision. Join our successful wealth builders by visiting: The
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