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Traffic exchange is a good way to get targeted traffic to your website. I love traffic exchange. If you want free banners advertising, targeted visitors, website banners advertising, banners exchange, free traffic then traffic exchange will be your right choice. Traffic exchange is fun and easy. You sit by your pc or lap top go to a traffic exchange site which you are a member of, put in your user name password and start clicking. Not difficult at all. The more you click you the more point you get and the more other surfers view your ad. Most traffic exchange websites are credits based. You can get credits by surfing or buying credits. Below you will find the top ten traffic exchange I used and getting good results. Ok the list as follow: #1. I love hits- This is one of the oldest traffic exchange online since 2001. With I love hits, you can surf 4 traffic exchanges at the same time. This will save you time because it is faster this way. With I love hits there is no downloading and form to fill out. Ten second timer and that is good. To learn more go to I Love Hits #2. Traffic era- This is another great traffic exchange I use and love it. The point per surfing is unbelievable. TrafficEra is my second preferred Traffic Exchange. ... you are prized with Tokens, a unique rewards that offers good benefits. Great Internet traffic and it's 1:1 ratio surfing. Get your free account @ trafficera for traffic #3. Tezak Traffic- Tezak Traffic Power is a traffic exchange and advertising membership program created and run by successful internet marketers Tony Tezak, Tim Rash and Paul Kinder. This program offers several ways for members to earn credits that they can put toward advertising and getting website visits from other members. There are 3 membership levels in Tezak Traffic Power; Free Tezzer, Power Pro Tezzer, and Enterprise Infinite Pro Tezzer. (Yes, they’re really called “Tezzers”.) Free members have to surf 3 websites to earn 1 visit to their websites; paid members get a 1 to 1 ratio. Get free account @ tezaktrafficPower #4. Traffic Splash- Traffic-Splash is a simple to use Advertising Program that allows you get started in just minutes. Traffic-Splash offers you free and/or paid advertising providing you with fast, top quality traffic and excellent Customer-is-King service. Our simple three-way advertising system makes us an excellent solution for your advertising needs. Traffic-Splash is a Family Friendly Manual Traffic Exchange. No HYIP sites, no PTP sites, no Autosurfs. Traffic-Splash is already top ranked by Affiliate Funnel Surfers Choice, Hit Exchange News and Traffic Hoopla and is growing fast with 118411 members already. To get your free account visit: Traffic splash #5. Start Xchange- StartXChange is a traffic exchange program owned and run by internet marketer Tim Linden. This program allows members to earn credits by surfing other members' websites, and these credits go toward earning visits to their own websites. There is a referral system in place so that members can earn credits and cash from referral activities as well. The program offers a free level of membership and two paid levels. To get yiur free account sign up @ start xchnage #6. Traffic Roundup-Not only the original themed traffic exchange, the original cowboy themed exchange as well, Traffic Roundup has been delivering consistent traffic delivery for years. The focus here has always been on delivering the pageviews, and I can’t remember a time when Traffic Roundup didn’t do this well. Free members surf at a 3:1 ratio, but can rack up a hefty amount of credits with the “find the cows” surf game, so extended surfing is both encouraged and rewarded. Sign up free @ traffic roundup traffic #7. Dragon Surf- Soren Jordansen’s Dragon Surf is as visually impressive as it is effective. The site’s design is a work of art by nearly anyone’s standards and the service here is equally special. Surfing bonuses are in place here and work much like many other exchanges. Every 15 pages you’ll be presented with the Dragon Surf game. You choose to look in cave 1,2, or 3 where you will either find credits, banner impressions, text links, or an angry dragon. If you get the Dragon, you’ll win nothing, but from my experience you win more often than not. Just by surfing long enough to play a few rounds of the game free members can effectively raise their surf ratio to 2:1.(Normally 3:1). Tack on an extra 10% bonus when using the new Super Surf feature and Dragon Surf is a very rewarding exchange to surf. To get your free account visit: dragonsurf #8. Hit2Hit- Hit2Hit is a big traffic exchange with over 40k members. They have 6 second timer and a pretty standard 2:1 surfing ratio for free members. Hit2Hit emphasizes upgrading, which I don't like much. Overall, it seems like it's one of those traffic exchanges which are designed to get people to buy upgrades, and it's not very good for free members. Get your free membersshi @ Hit2Hit #9. Easyhits4u- You will this free traffic exchange. You can have unlimited websites promoted and no restrictions. Buy extra points is very cheap. Earn up to 40% commissions from all purchases of our Easy Splash Builder and Easy Rotator tools made by your first level referrals: 10% as a free member; 20% as a Premium member; 30% as a paid member of the Easy Splash Builder & Easy Rotator; 40% as a Premium member and as a paid member of the Easy Splash Builder and Easy Rotator tools at the same time. Get your free account @ easyhits4u These are some of the best traffic exchanges I used and getting great results. You see using traffic exchange to get traffic is a guaranteed website visitors. Take advantage and start getting traffic now. Hope this will help you with your online marketing search.
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