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How to Make Serious Money

I want to thank you for visiting my blog.  Hope this will not be your last time coming by.  I love to encourage you and motivate people to do their best.  Sometimes we all need that extra push to make the next round.  This page title says it all.  Helping people to stand on their own feet is the key. 

Hope that my visitors will love what they see here.  Just wanted remind my visitors that you all have the capability, intelligent, and creativities to become self employed run your own corporation or work from home to make extra income and much more. 
Does becoming your own boss sound interesting to you?  Doing these days of economic upheaval, cutting benefits, less job security I think this is a perfect time to do your own thing.  This never ending recession with more U.S jobs still going overseas for cheap labors in the developing countries, we are losing to these other guys who are moving forward.   About 70% of the jobs are either part time or temp jobs and it not going to get easier. 

With globalization, rapid communication due to internet penetration at high speed that worldwide  level this is what the developed countries finding harder to dominate trade worldwide.   With this trend, there is little the government can do to change this economic trend only the small business start ups can redirect this energy for economic competiveness.  There is no magic formula to return jobs but you can do your part by running own business.    

Why You Start Your Own Business

    1. Contribution to society

You see without businesses and entrepreneurs there will be no jobs.  Providing jobs is the results of people starting their own businesses and hiring people that in return pay taxes to the government which the  government uses to provide public work and social services.  Entrepreneurs are the backbone of any economy.   They provide the jobs everyone seeking.

    1. Extra Protection From Pink Slips

Many people I talk to are still haven’t learned from the 2008 recession and still think they have jobs security and good pay jobs.   No one is on the save track.  This is the time become what you always wanted to be

2.   Helping Others

Families, friends, none profits, churches and much more.   Do you have a family or relative who need medical care but too expensive.  With your financial success you can step in and help those in need. 

2.  Financial Freedom

Financial freedom is having money and time working for you.  Do what you want when you want it and where you want it is real freedom.  Life will even be more rewarding when you position yourself to be financially free. The sad thing is about most people aren’t happy with their jobs.  About 80% of people don’t like what they do because someone telling them how much they can make, when they can take vacation, where they can stay because what you make determines where you stay.  Most people happy day is Friday evening when two days given to them for a day off.  By Sunday everyone depressed again and dread to go to a job that they don’t want to go to.   If you have a dream, a bigger vision of yourself this kind of life style can be changed. It’s only takes a different approach in how you look at your financial future.

  1. Leaving Legacy

 By nature we all want to leave a legacy, something people will remember about us after we are long gone and that make our families friends proud.  I believe entrepreneurs can provide that.  By the way leaving legacy doesn’t mean you have to be in business for yourself and having a bigger vision that inspires others can also leave a legacy.  Think about Nelson Mandela, Abrahim Lincoln and others that changed the world but weren’t business owners, well I take that back. They were in the business of politics and changing lives.  Well all know

Bill Gates and people like oprah they are leaving a legacy as well.  What about you? You don’t have to be any of these people but finding you calling is very much important.  We are all on this earth to make a difference that others will remember and the most high will be proud of us.  It’s a decision we can all make from where are and finding people that believe in you enough to help you make that happen. 

I believe in everyone that comes to my blog.  You have the power and potential to change your life, the people around and the World as a whole.  Listen within and not without.  That voice is yawning in inside of you to leap like an eagle.   That’s the eagle’s heart that believe in anything even in the dark storm to leap in the heavens.   Avoid people who will tell you cannot achieve your goals and dreams.   Make a conscious decision to live above average life.   Never stop believing that you can live the life you deserve.  Peace and love.  

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