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The Different Benefits of Dedicated Hosting and Shared Hosting

Dedicated hosting and shared hosting are very different things. There are benefits to both of these types of hosting, with some of the key ones outlined here. 
Dedicated hosting and shared hosting are very different things. With dedicated hosting you hire your own web server dedicated to just your websites. With shared hosting a server is shared between a number of the hosting company’s customers and split into portions. If you choose this option you only hire part of the server, which is then used to host your website. There are benefits to both of these types of hosting, with some of the key ones outlined below.



If you choose dedicated hosting you will have more extensive resources provided for your site. This includes more disk space and more bandwidth. As you are not sharing with others there is more disk space, meaning more options in terms of website content. The extra dedicated bandwidth will enable your site to cope with more traffic.


Having your own server is more secure than sharing it with others. There are no other websites that will interfere with yours. With shared hosting there is the danger of other websites on the server being hacked, and this can impact your site. This is not an issue if you have your own server.


Having your own server is more reliable. There are no other websites sharing the server that can impact the quality of your hosting. This avoids the problem of issues with other sites impacting yours and means the bandwidth use of others won’t have a negative impact on the performance of your website.

More Choice 

In many areas there is more choice with dedicated hosting. This includes operating systems and hardware. Shared hosting is more restricted and is more like paying for a specific plan than dedicated hosting is. This means much more flexibility.



Cost is the most obvious benefit of shared hosting. As you only use a portion of a server you only pay for a portion of the server. This can lead to significant savings. With the increasing number of websites on the world wide web and the amount of people who use shared hosting, it has made it a very competitive market. This has further driven down the cost as providers fight for your business.  


If you opt for shared hosting, the hosting company will maintain the server. This means there is one less thing for you to worry about, and if updates or fixes are required you won’t have to pay extra for it.

Customer Support

Customer support is generally pretty good with shared hosting. Good hosting companies will provide quality support for both dedicated and shared hosting customers, so despite paying less you can expect a good quality service.


While there is not as much control as with dedicated hosting, you will still have a good amount of control. Using your control panel you will be able to manage your website and certain aspects of the hosting.


Shared hosting is more basic, but also simpler from the customers point of view. It is simple to set up and simple to maintain.
With both dedicated and shared hosting there are a number of advantages. All in all, having your own server does mean better quality hosting but there are also benefits of shared hosting, in particular the cost.


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