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The impact of e-commerce in the modern world

Ecommerce or electronic commerce is the way of the future. E-commerce is an emerging industry following the same development the pattern that the automobile industry exprienced 100 years ago, only faster. By the time we reach the year 2010 consumers are expect to be spending 1 trilion dollars per year through the internet for goods and services they are now purchasing through retail outlets. Wow how would like to be part of such great transfer of wealth? I think this might happen before then.
According to Michael Dell, the successful ecommerce business will combine commerce, content, and community. And whoever can figure out how to put community into the mix will rule the industry. As you may know internet network marketers are already doing what Michael Dell predicted few years back then. For those that realize the potential of community organizatios online will be the one to rule this industry. The ability to connect with like minded people through emails, articles marketing, and social networking are what Michael Dell call the "successful e-commerce business."
As the first decade of the new millenium comes to close, e-commerce is still undergoing a transitionary stage. Internet which intergrates the computer and tele communication technology has revolutionized the way communication is carry on daily. From one person to another. The internet allows information to spin around the world at an ever faster rate in large quantities for cheap. The arrival of the internet revolution is indeed a good news to small businesses, and medium entreprises. It brings equal opportunity to all firms to access to the international market.
My fellows entrepreneurs the internet and e-commerce is a force that is changing the way goods and services are sold. Due to its much low, cheap marketing system both small and big coporations have an equal opportunity to make their marks in the new millenium. Come on board to the largest transfer of wealth in the internet age, or get left behind.
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