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Are You Living The Rat Race Life? How Can You Find Your Way Out?

For the past years people are talking about the Rat Race. What really is the rat race? Is it the cage that mouse is put in spinning around all day long? The little cage they fight hard to find their way out? Or is it the race so many people face day in day out? Waking up 4am to go to a job that pays little just to cover the bills, or with no financial promise with for the future?

I can tell you the rat race is no different from doing something over and over without way out for a better future. Someone else telling you how live your life, when to go to work, when to go to break, when to go on vacation, how you worth, what kind of house you can buy, how day ca get sick because you are giving day off. This is a though life for so many Americans where you have both parents working two or three jobs, but yet don’t know the bills will be paid.

The scare thing is many people will live this kind of life for the next 30 to 40 years of their lives with a gloom future. I remembered a story about a woman who once said each time she enters her work place is like heavy load on her shoulders. My friend do you feel that way? Are you going do something about it? Doing this for 30 to 40 years is no joke. Do you feel like slave although you put food on the table and get the bills paid?

This article is not to fear anyone, but to face the reality most hard working people face day in day out. The sacrifices they make to make America a better place, but yet get little credits and rewards.
As kinds we had many dreams of doing the impossible, but as we grow older those dreams start to slip away slowly. Why? Are so preoccupied and allow the daily struggle to come in the way of our dreams and goals? Have we for gotten about being ceos of fortune 500 companies, doctors, entrepreneurs, buying the house of your dream and being the president of the U.S.

The consequences of neglecting our dreams

Well, THE RAT RACE is the results of not going what is that we want as adults. I’m going to tell you why. When you don’t have a plan or an agenda, someone else will give you one. You become the employee and you be told what to do with the rest of your life. I don’t think this is what you expected as a kid right? Do you want someone to keep determining your income? This is the direct proportion of the rat race my friend. There is hope to escape the rat race and I will give you some guidelines to do just that. Believe me you can escape the rat race no matter what the economy is or your circumstances are right now!

I know you are thinking but Prince how can I escape the Rat Race when I don’t have a job or money. All it takes is to develop a plan now create a new vision for your life. The following guidelines might help you recreate your child hood dreams.
• Write down what is it you want to achieve in the next two to five years.
• Create a plan of how you going to achieve those goals
• Write down the steps you need to take to achieve your goals
• Now you must network with others in your field and find out what they are doing to be successful in what you want to do.

Despite the recession, there are many opportunities out there my friend. You can seek these opportunities offline and online. I can tell you there are more opportunities out here than you might think. Every second in this country someone start a home base business according to Kristiet home business fact. You can be of those people once you make up your mind for a change. This will require a paradigm shift because coming from being an employee to becoming a business owner is totally different. You don’t have to live your whole life taking order from a boss. Now is the time my friend and let’s go make it happen. Let’s put an end to the RAT RACE.

In conclusion, I believe those childhood dreams of yours are still possible only if you want to revisit them. You know people that when from being homeless to becoming millionaires. Did you see that movie played by Will Smith? The pursuit of happiness is about a man who and his son when from homeless to becoming one of the top dogs on Wall Street? Go see it if you haven’t. It tells you the desire can out weigh the struggle. I would like to challenge you to start doing something you never done before. As the New Year approaches what changes are you going to make? Go take the necessary action and you will see gradual progress in your life. It’s time to become the 5% and not the 95%. Go for your dreams.

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