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The First Female Millionaire- The Madam CJ Walker Story

Madam CJ Walker was a highly successful entrepreneur who became the first female millionaire in America. Madam CJ walker hair products invention helped thousands of women to realize their natural beauty of their hair, but also put women in business.

Madam CJ Walker was born in 1867 December 23rd on a Louisiana farm in the time of poverty and struggle for many black people. Sarah Breedlove as she was then called, barley eked out an existence. Madam Walker left her family farm for life in the Mississippi Delta. As a domestic and washerwoman she lugs her laundry basket while she dreamed of better days Unlimited Imagination To Greatness
Neither lack of money, poverty or her skin color or influential friends would deter her from achieving greatness. She was mindful of the appearance and grooming habits of the well-to-d. She believes that all hair textures and skin tones were natural beauty needed enhancement. To realize its full potential, and this was the birth of the Madam CJ Walker hair products.

Her Legacy Is Unmatched

Before her death in 1919, Madam CJ Walker could count more than 2000 agents marketing an ever expanding line of products, ringing sales that made her Americas first female millionaire. And by way, when women were not driving or couldn’t afford a car of their own private car, she did. Her products included, the CJ Walker hair products, the creation of the CJ Walker hair comb and the Madam CJ Walker invention.

Madame CJ Walker The Family Woman

At age fourteen, Sarah Breedlove married Moses Mcwilliams, and they made their home in Vicksburg. Their daughter Lelia was born in 1885, and two years later, Sarah husband died. Madame Walker moved with her daughter to St Louis, Missouri where for the next eighteen years support herself and daughter by obtaining work as washwoman.
Helping Women Heal Scalp

While in St Louis 1905, she develop a hair care and grooming system for black women that healed scalp disease through more frequency shampooing, massage and an application of her special ointment. Sarah devised a system to straighten hair that used her hair softener with the aid of a straightening comb.

Madame Walker The Philanthropist

Her encouraged her employees in their own community philanthropic work. She gives cash prizes to the groups of agents that did the largest amount of community work. She became known as the wealthiest not just the first black, but the first female woman in the U.S. and wealthiest woman of her time, to her credit, she used her prominent position to fight against racial discrimination, and support civic educational programs.

Madam CJ Walker helped and promoted organizations. She funded scholarship for women at Tuskegee institute. She contributed financially to the NAACP, the black YMAC, and other charities. She used her luxurious town home into salon for members of Harlem Renaissance. In 1910 she built a plant in Indianapolis, Indiana, that would serve as a center of Walker enterprises. Her manufacturing company provided employment for over three thousands people. Her sales force had over 20000 agents by 1919. This the story of an extraordinary woman and her achievement doing the time when many people were hopes she gave them hope and believe that when you have a dream follow by desire and hard work ethic no man or woman can hold you back from achieving greatness.

In conclusion, this woman who went through slavery, poverty, racial discrimination and made it big when even both whites and black doubt that search thing could happen. She was good woman and dreamer to make happen. Not much I can say about our hero Madam CJ Walker but use her as an example and follow your dream.

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