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b>How Can SBI! Work For You? — A Review of Site Build It! "How SiteSell's SBI! Can Help YOU Get Rich Slow! – Let Me Explain..." My name is Steve M Nash and you might know me from my own SBI! site, SelfHelpCollective.com, or from TextMeFree.com... or you might not know me at all, and just find yourself here after searching for 'sitesell SBI!' or something... Thank you for visiting, anyway, and let me admit straight off that I am a fan of SBI! (Site Build It!) and have been since 2001, when I created my first SBI! site called How I Promote My Website. I happen to think SBI! is life-transforming, and can empower ordinary people to turn their passions & talents into a successful online business. SBI! is proven to work!* Still, SBI! is NOT for everyone, though, and it's a hard 'system' to explain. So I've created this site to review SBI! as I have experienced it. Hope it helps. So What is SBI!, Exactly Okay, basically, Site Build It! (or SBI!) is an all-in-one internet business building software system* (developed by SiteSell) that includes everything you need to build a successful website, whether you're an absolute beginner or you have lots of web-building experience. And what that 'mouthful' of an expression means is this: • SBI! comes with all the TOOLS you need - including keyword research, page-building, search engine optimisation, autoresponders, email, contact forms etc. etc. - that lets both you, and your site visitors, create helpful, informative pages • SBI! comes with a proven step-by step ACTION GUIDE that shows you how to use those tools to create a website that works (AND earns you money) • SBI! comes with SUPPORT - a private success-focussed (and friendly) forum where you can go to get (and give) help; SiteSell provide technical support if needed Of course, SBI! is always improving with new tools and advice - always responding to the never-ending changes going on in the internet-world, but never reacting... How SBI! compares with its competitors...* NOTE: Recent improvements include the addition of content 2.0 module that allows visitors to write pages for your site; new, improved page templates for those who like using templates to create pages; improved keyword research... And in late 2011, the page by page Block Builder software that many beginners use to create their site is being completely redesigned. The cost of SBI! never increases, despite any of these improvements Again, SBI! is ideal for beginners, it really is. But advanced users (like me) get along just fine with SBI! too. (I use Dreamweaver to build pages, and upload them via SBI!'s interface.) And, of course, SBI! comes with fast web hosting too. But SBI! is so much more than web hosting, as you will see if you look at how SBI! compares with its competitors...* There really is no comparison. There really are no competitors to SBI!. For me, SBI! is the best opportunity for the average (and the not-so-average) person to change their life, to challenge their self-imposed limits, to make a difference. Of course, not everyone who buys SBI! succeeds, and - yes! - my own SBI! success took longer than first anticipated... How Does SBI! work? Okay, this is fairly easy to explain. SBI! is based around a simple site-building philosophy known as C-T-P-M or give, then receive. You create in-demand content (written with your voice) that really helps people and builds trust in you. Then you offer solutions (advertising, products, services etc.) that earn you money. Give, then receive! Yes, this is exactly how websites like YouTube and Google earn money, by the way! I'll explain C-T-P-M in a bit more detail, to help you understand the SBI! process... C - Content. Your website must have great content. You write it, based on your interests and passions, and on the keyword research you do. Don't worry, how to do all of this is explained - but it's basically write as you speak) T - Traffic. No site works without visitors. The SBI! keyword research tool, Brainstorm It!, helps you create in-demand content. And Analyze It! makes sure it's optimised for Google and other search engines. P - PreSELL. Great content means visitors start to trust you. Again, preselling is a great skill you'll learn about using SBI!. M - Monetize. Once the C-T-P process is done, then monetizing is much easier. Yes, this is the part where all your hard work pays off. All is explained in the SBI! Action Guide - all the steps you need to take. And, even better, SBI! provides you with all the tools you'll need to put this process into action. CTPM makes it all doable. Yes, hard work is involved and there are no guarantees that any individual page will make it to page #1 of Google, but the process is an easy one to follow and create enough pages properly, according to the Action Guide, and chances are most will make it high up the search rankings. (Ex. my top 10 fears page on Google.) WARNING: The hardest part of getting SBI! to work, really is thoroughly following the instructions you find in the SBI! Action Guide. You may think you know better, you may miss a step... All can be corrected, though, and learned from. And it's great not having to subscribe to hundreds of marketing newsletters/zines that often contain conflicting information! Who is SBI! Aimed at, Then? Ah, this is much easier to explain. SBI! is aimed at everyone, almost! • Well, it's suitable for everyone ordinary I suppose unlike Mark Zuckerberg who created Facebook, or Tom from MySpace or those two gentlemen clever enough to come up with Google or... (these guys are extraordinary, you don't need to be extraordinary to make a success of SBI!) • It's also not suitable for people in a hurry to make money online fast. They just won't have the patience to make anything work for them, alas! However, IF you have a passion or interest; if you can use a computer - and I guess you must be able to do that, to view these words - if you are determined; if you can follow instructions; if you're still reading... :-) Yes, I think if you're still reading this, then chances are SBI! IS suitable for you... o So if you're a retiree, or a student or a work at home mom - SBI! is suitable o If you have your own business - SBI! is suitable o If you're a blogger, or thinking about starting a blog* - SBI! is definitely suitable o If you're a webmaster already - SBI! is suitable o If you have no web experience at all - SBI! is suitable All you need to be is someone with passion, have some basic computer skills, with a little bit of BAM (Brain, Attitude and Motivation), and SBI! is suitable. ( In fact, this page gives a full list of the types of person*, and the types of businesses, that are best suited to succeeding with SBI! - the page does a great job of explaining it, actually...) So, Will SBI! Work For YOU ? Short answer: Yes, I believe it will - if YOU work it! Long answer: It depends!... • It depends on whether you have BAM: Brain, Attitude, Motivation. • It depends if you can follow instructions. • It depends if you can ask for help when you need it. • It depends how much you want to succeed and how big your dreams are. • And, of course, it depends on whether you quit rather than do what it takes. Success always depends, always depends on you - whatever 'system' you choose. Having said all of that, SBI! works for a variety of people in a variety of businesses - just look at this impressive results page*. It's important to stress, though, that building a successful SBI! site - or building anything successful for that matter - requires determination; determination to press on when you're feeling a bit fed up or when you're thinking that success is taking too long. It's important that you don't get easily distracted - but following the step-by-steps detailed in the SBI! Action Guide will definitely help keep distractions away! So, - yes, SBI! can still work for you, if YOU work it! Okay, How Much Does SBI! Cost? SBI! costs US$299 per year, or there's a recession-busting monthly offer right now of $29.99 per month Now this might seem a lot to you, or it might seem a bargain. I guess it all depends on what you're comparing, really. If you think of SBI! as just web hosting then these costs are high. If you think of SBI! as an ever-developing all-in-one business-development tool, as I do, then these costs are a fantastic bargain. Again, to get a better idea of what you're getting for your money with SBI!, check out this compare page* (it compares SBI! with traditional web hosting services). NOTE: there is another way to do SBI! - a do-it-for-you solution, where SiteSell Services build the beginnings of your site for you, all according to the SBI! Action Guide and CTPM site-building philosophy - you then take over, at an agreed stage. This do-it-for-you solution is more expensive, but great for those that don't have the time. Find details of the SiteSell Services SBI! solution here...* So, Could YOU do SBI!, Then -- Would You? Hmm, well that's me more or less finished trying to explain how SBI! works, who it works for etc. All I can say that SBI! is great for those people who think AND do - thinking and doing really is a great combination, and something I advocate on my own successful SBI! site, SelfHelpCollective.com So I wonder whether you will take this chance, this opportunity, to think AND do. Thanks for reading so far, and I wish you well wherever life takes you - whether it be because of an inspirational quote you once read, something a friend once did (and now inspires you to do), or simply because you're tired of being 'less'... ...i wish you well. And all that's left for me to do now on this page is to leave you with these 3 links that will help you go forward with SBI!, so you can think then do: Get started now and build your business the right way below. BlockBuilder 2
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