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What's New In Your Industry

What's New In Your Industry
Hello everyone.  I hope you will enjoy my posts on this page. I will regularly post updated information about what new online such as business opportunities, affiliate news and online news. Thank you for your visit. Although 2014 is underway, there's still a lot of time until we make it to 2015. Since competition among ecommerce companies of all sizes has really heated up over the last few years, let's look at five different ecommerce design trends that are going to be significant throughout the rest of this year. Although 2014 is underway, there's still a lot of time until we make it to 2015. Since competition among ecommerce companies of all sizes has really heated up over the last few years, let's look at five different ecommerce design trends that are going to be significant throughout the rest of this year: Flat Design While flat design is actually a trend that can be seen on many different sites, it has several features that make it an especially good fit for ecommerce sites. Because this style of design eschews many decorative elements, it's a great way to put the full focus of a site on products. It also makes it possible to use large product pictures and still allow sites to load quite quickly. Another advantage is it's a nice complement to the next trend we're going to discuss. Responsive Design More people are using phones and tablets to shop online. However, that doesn't mean everyone is abandoning their desktops and laptops. Because all of these devices are regularly used by ecommerce customers, retailers have to find a way to deliver a consistent experience. While mobile apps make sense in some cases, responsive design can work extremely well and eliminate the need for users to download another app. By utilizing this type of ecommerce website design, retailers can provide customers with a consistent experience regardless of what size of screen they're using at the moment. Less Sliders and Larger Navigation Elements Because online retailers want to ensure that visitors can use any device, designers are making a conscious effort to alter or remove elements that may not work as well on smaller screens. The two best examples of this design trend are sliders and navigation elements. With the former, many designers are choosing to remove sliders as a result of them not working all that great on phones and tablets. And with the latter, a lot of designers are opting to increase the size of those elements so they're easier to click. Utilizing Multiple Fonts It can be hard to use multiple fonts and create a cohesive look. But when done correctly, this technique can add a lot of visual appeal without distracting from the main focus of a product page. Increasing the Number of Relevant Elements on a Product Page By opting for designs that include as much relevant information as possible on a single product page, most retailers find that they are able to reduce the number of visitors who leave and ultimately increase their overall conversion rate. Even though not all of these ecommerce design trends are going to be the right fit for all retailers, utilizing at least a few of them are likely to provide a competitive advantage. If you feel that your ecommerce business needs to do something to ensure you stay ahead of the competition, you won't regret working with a web design company that understands the best way to utilize any or all of the design trends we covered . Old fachion website really is no longer appealing to both the search engines and savy web visitors. Learn about profitable webdesign here

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 2014 B2B Tech Content Marketing Trends: Tailoring Content, Tactic Effectiveness, Social Media


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Web Design Trends in 2015

The websites over the years have changes dramatically from the flash websites (which some looked more like a game) to HTML websites with Javascript/JQuery/HTML5/CSS for the styling. Websites have gon...
The websites over the years have changes dramatically from the flash websites (which some looked more like a game) to HTML websites with Javascript/JQuery/HTML5/CSS for the styling.
Websites have gone through huge changes from colourful designs left aligned websites to centered/fullscreen websites with a basic 4 color scheme.
Below are some of to expect in 2015
Responsive Website
We have probably heard a lot about responsive web designs, especially this year. Well this is not going to change, you have designers who still only offer websites that are not responsive and I think in 2015 I think all companies will need to offer this as a standard feature when building a website, otherwise I don’t believe they can survive.
With more and more people using a smartphone/tablets, it would be crazy to not have your website optimized for them.
Minimal designs and focus on content
We have seen the websites that were designed over a decade ago, using so many colors which some thought was great back then has now gone in the opposite direction.
Many companies today want to minimize the design and focus more on the content, the bbc.co.uk is a great example of this. With high quality content and great pictures, this minimal design really brings out what they want the visitors to see. This is nothing new, but people are starting to lean this way as it makes the website look much cleaner.
Sticky Menus
While sticky menus have been around awhile, I have started to see a lot more of them lately. I think more and more will go this way as it does keep your visitors close to the menu at all times. You will not need to have a menu in your footer like what many websites or the scroll up button which we have on this website.
Stock Photos of Models
Yes having a model over expressing themselves in a board room is ok in my opinion, but websites who have one on each website do look a little lame. The funny thing is that a lot of them have the same person on many different websites. People are starting to rethink of using stock models and using real people and pictures for the slideshows.
I think having one is OK, perhaps for your homepage, but not all over the placeFree Web Content, I think everybody is starting to realize having so many stock models on your website is making the website not as creditable as in the past. Learn more about our low cost lowest

BREAKING: China Surpasses U.S. Economy as Worlds Larges!

Hello everyone and hope you are having a great day. I got this in my inbox by pcworld title: Yahoo's search share creeps up after becoming Firefox's default.  I thought this will help my followers make good decision when switching browser.    See article below: 

Yahoo has inched ahead in the U.S. search market after becoming the default search tool in Mozilla’s Firefox browser, according to StatCounter, a web analytics company.
It’s not a huge victory for Yahoo. The increase in search share was small, from 8.6 percent in November to 10.4 percent in December—the month when Yahoo replaced Google as Firefox’s default search option in the U.S.
Still, it’s Yahoo’s biggest U.S. search share since 2009, according to StatCounter, a Dublin, Ireland-based company which measures activity across a range of services like search, social media and operating systems.
If the upward trajectory continues for Yahoo, it might help the company grow its ad revenue and better compete against rivals like Google and Facebook. That is, if people don’t simply switch back to Google within Firefox. The native search bar in Firefox now defaults to provide results by Yahoo. But making the switch back to Google—or Bing or Wikipedia or DuckDuckGo—requires only a quick switch in the Firefox preferences tab.
Still, “The move by Mozilla has had a definite impact on U.S. search,” said StatCounter CEO Aodhan Cullen, in the company’s announcement. That’s despite the fact that usage of Firefox is now eclipsed by other browsers like Google’s Chrome and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, according to separate figures from Net Applications.
Google is still far and away the leader in search, with U.S. search share of 75.2 percent as of December, according to StatCounter. That’s down slightly from 77.3 percent in November, making it Google’s lowest U.S. search share yet since StatCounter started measuring this market in mid-2008. Microsoft’s Bing came in a distant second with a share of 12.5 percent.
Google, Yahoo and Mozilla declined to comment on StatCounter’s rankings.
For its search engine stats, StatCounter looks at a network of over 3 million websites and tallies every page view that comes from a search engine. The company is not tallying search queries, but rather page referrals from search engines to those 3 million sites.
Its numbers are different from ComScore’s, which is widely known for tracking activity on search engines and other sites like eBay and Facebook. ComScore’s most recent rankings, which only cover the month of November, prior to the Firefox switch, gave Yahoo a 10.2 percent U.S. search share, which is higher than the 8.6 percent StatCounter gave it that month.
Google’s U.S. search share for November was 67 percent according to ComScore, considerably lower than the 77.3 percent cited by StatCounter.

By Zack Miners 




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Temporary Gratification = Taking, eating, absorbing, expecting, experiencing, something of pleasure that lasts only momentarily, while ignoring the long-term ill effects of that decision.
Long-Term Gratification = Giving up momentary gratification/giving up small pleasures, in order to reap and benefit from a large goal or achievement you want to accomplish.
Unfortunately, 95% of the population thinks only about temporary gratification. For some one who is over-weight, they eat terrible food, because it makes them temporarily happy. They ignore the long-term ill effects. While someone who is fit, eats okay’ tasting healthy food, acknowledges the large goal they want to achieve, keep eating this okay’ tasting food, and stay healthy.
In internet marketing this is a HUGE issue. This separates the home-made, laptop-lifestyle, millionaires. To the struggling, work at home marketers, who give up, makes excuses, and quit.
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