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Are Blasts Of Big Income Created In Chunks (Specific Moments)?

Have you ever stopped and pondered the question: “How Are Big Blasts of Money Made?” Or, “How Can I Apply LEVERAGE To Earn More Money?
Yesterday, through a little “epiphany” I had while reading a book and then catching a few minutes of a professional basketball game…
I started to contemplate the concept of how very successful individuals make most of their money – and I began to pinpoint a specific pattern that I wanted to share with you, because I see a valuable lesson in it for all of us.
When you think of a millionaire or multi-millionaire, what comes to mind about the actual process of how their big money is made? Not necessarily in every case, but many times these chunks of income are created through short, specific moments that happen as a person is “in the zone” of high productivity (as a result of becoming a master at their craft). And surprisingly, most of these blasts of income are NOT generated from doing highly productive tasks every single day all year – but rather through laser-focused “chunks of productive time” in various forms.
For instance:
  • Actors – may be intensely shooting a movie for a 4-5 month time frame, and then have several weeks or even months off.
  • Professional Athletes – perform at high levels of productivity for a specified number of timed events (games), but then get an “off-season” with no games.
  • Real Estate Agents/Investors – make big chunks of leveraged money (or commissions)  through various “deals” done at different times.
  • Musicians – intensely spend a chunk of time recording an album, and then have a “release” of that album where a big chunk of money is earned at that specified time. They also may have tours in which they perform at high levels of productivity for several specified days during the tour schedule (in which they earn chunks of income for each event).
  • Experts and Guru’s – have various “product launches” or seminars each time they come out with something new, that brings in a big chunk of their annual income.
  • Some Business Owners and CEO’s – earn chunks of their income through specific decisions and leveraged delegations they make at various times during the year.
  • Inventors or Product Creators – many times will spend chunks of focused time creating a product, and then leverage their earning power by landing some infomercials or by selling their rights to that product/invention to a high paying investor. Some will create income leverage by teaming up with an individual or company that can promote or gain massive exposure for their product.
Of course, there are other wealthy individuals that this certain point may not always ring true with…
But, the point is that if you want to follow in the footsteps of those who have mastered the art of “money chunks” and income leverage power – you should study the business philosophy of time/effort “chunking”.
First, you’ll notice that in the above examples – these individuals are foremost leveraging a high performance income generation vehicle (their work, career). This assists them in being able to earn large sums of money, while technically working FEWER hours than the average person does. That is why it is so important to select and put your hard work into a income generation vehicle that is highly leveraged in producing larger amounts of income than what a typical job could offer.
Secondly, these individuals have become a master at their craft – which allows them to earn even MORE money in the career they have chosen. For some it may have taken months of hard, focused effort/practice before they could even achieve any success in their work; and others possibly years of mastering their craft.
Lastly, these people understand and use the principle of knowing how to spend their truly productive (in the zone) time wisely – to focus it on the activities that can produce the majority of their income. They don’t always have to go all out every second of every day to create the income level that they do – and because of this, they are much less likely to get burned out in their career (and they are able to truly enjoy what they do).
I know some of you may just be looking to generate some extra upfront cash, and maybe not the big money at this point…
But for all of us, there are some important lessons we can learn from here:
=> Aside from the 3 things listed above, when it comes to your job as an affiliate marketer – always be looking and open for ways to increase LEVERAGE in all areas. Such as:
  • Leverage in your marketing efforts (use highly effective marketing methods that get your message directly in front of your target niche market in the most productive way).
  • Leverage in your marketing exposure/platform (look for ways to leverage your existing or new marketing pieces so that they get as much exposure as possible with the least amount of time needed for you to work on them in the process). In other words, look for platforms where you can create one or two great pieces of marketing and get it exposed to a bigger number of people. If you have been using all “free” methods of marketing – if you have the budget for it, try mixing in some low cost “paid” marketing to help balance your efforts and get you exposed to more people in a short time frame. There ARE other low cost ways to get in front of more people, if you do some research.
  • Leverage in your business relationships (be on the lookout for potential relationships/partnerships with others who posses certain skills, networks, or platforms that you are not in or proficient with – and leverage off of their experience, platform, list, connections, skills, etc. to help move your efforts forward in a way you may not be able to do all by yourself).
  • Leverage in your time spent on specific activities (spend the most time on activities that bring the most benefit/profit to you, such as effective marketing – and start tracking your actual activities and time spent on them to empower yourself to know if you are spending your time wisely). Learn to work in “chunks”, or specific time frames where you are at a very high level of productivity and are solely focused and concentrated on one particular task intensely – and then have the ability to get more done in less time as a result.
  • Leverage in your training and education (learn how to discern exactly which trainings, webinars, books, cd’s, and so forth you truly need right now to help you reach your objective – and let all the unnecessary ones go.) Education is essential for CERTAIN things at CERTAIN times to accomplish a SPECIFIC outcome/task, but you can’t afford to spend your valuable time always “training” on something that may not be directly related to helping you achieve the exact task or objective at hand. Go get the eye-opening book “The 4-Hour Workweek” by Timothy Ferriss, and read for yourself why “selective ignorance” can actually INCREASE your potential, your leverage, and your income!
Life is made up of specific moments and decisions
And it is very empowering to know that we have all of the information, ability, and time at our fingertips to be able to create extraordinary things and spectacular results within our work – IF we take the proper action to discipline ourselves to focus on the things that can lead to higher levels of productivity, effectiveness, and leverage!
=> So, here’s a quick action step to help you apply these strategies right now:
  1. Get out a piece of paper, and on the left hand side of the page write down every single activity you did last week (as it relates to your work in this industry). I mean everything – from writing and publishing a blog post, to checking your email or surfing around online.
  2. Then, once you have your full list of activities – go back through and to the right of each activity attach a specific time (minutes) that you actually spent on each activity. You may have to guess for some things, but try to be as accurate as possible. Leave some space for a final column on the far right side of your page.
  3. Now, after you have attached the time (minutes) to those activities – go down the list (to the right of the time given) and write down how much money was (or is in the process of being) made as a result of that specific activity. This is the tricky part because there may be some things that are difficult to put a dollar amount earned on, but just try your best to guesstimate for each action.
This will help you to immediately spot the activities that are consuming most of your time, AND will also allow you to figure out exactly which activities you are doing that actually create most of your income! Don’t make the mistake I made a while back in just “working” on stuff, and not being accountable for my time spent. This is your livelihood (and possibly your family’s livelihood), so I encourage you to pay close attention to what that final paper tells you about your work. It can truly help catapult you to another level of leverage and effectiveness in your results and your income!
To Making Things Happen,
By Scott Rogers
The Renegade System
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