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NEW Accountability Action Tracking Sheet Is Ready!

One simple, but very effective way to help you “do more in less time” and achieve a higher level of productivity and leverage in your work: Is to be consistently tracking your time, tracking your activities, tracking your results, and taking personal responsibility to be accountable in your actions/progress. To assist you in accomplishing these things, I have designed and created an official “Renegade System Affiliate Tracking Sheet” for you! You can now access this powerful tool by simply clicking on the picture on the right sidebar here that says “Tracking Sheet” right below the Sales Funnel diagram. Plus, I have recorded a brief audio explanation here below that shows you how to physically use this tracking sheet properly to help you increase your productivity (which leads to better results and more money)! Simply click on the play button on the audio control below to listen to the walk-through explanation. Visit this blog to learn more about what it takes to succeed @ get results now

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