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Here’s The Social Network You Should Be Building Your Business

 You are marketing something Even if that’s an idea; even if that’s a non profit; a political candidate; your kid’s lemonade stand; your yummy weight loss shake; your to-die for ebook book that taught you 29 ways to generate leads, and sells for $72, which, when you sell it with your affiliate link, you make $37. You might be selling your own products too. Whatever. You’re using social media to spread the word for your make money interest. Don’t be “that guy” What isn’t always obvious is that you don’t want to be “that guy.” That guy is the guy who bombs your news feed with his “ground floor opportunity.” You know the one. He’s the guy talking about a glow in the dark berry found in a rare mushroom fungus forged out of a meteor rock at the bottom of the sea, which will grant you the ability to do what has never been done and be the person you’ve never been. And in doing so, he usurps Jesus with the audacity of Satan. That guy sees EVERYONE as perfect for his product. You’re a smart beginner. You’re not “that guy.” You know to use the social network of your choosing with common sense, with intelligence, with empathy, and you share your life not just your make money interests. You share your opinions. You provide insights. You deliver perspective. You let other people into your life so they can get to know you a bit. You are honest and meaningful. Your question is WHERE do I do this. Your question is WHICH social network should I use? Should you be everywhere; try to be seen everywhere across all the platforms, or focus on just one and go deep? Go to where your audience is I personally think you need to be where your audience is. Your ideal starting point is knowing who you are trying to market to. WARNING: deciding who you are trying to market to often changes, evolves, as you change and evolve. WARNING: deciding who you market to should NOT take longer than a week. IF it does, just market to the “you” that exists in the market place, and watch the form that follows. I recommend that you ask, “For who will you be most effective with? On which platform do you think you will be most effective communicating your value and making meaning?” Build your castle here Obviously, you have to know what you are going to sell, and determine who will want it. Then ask where those people are… are they on Facebook; are they on Instagram; are they on Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn? Maybe they are at more than one of those. If so, determine how you will handle that. Maybe your pockets of people are on Instagram and Facebook, but since you love taking pictures you choose Instagram, and perhaps repost on Facebook. You can’t expect your audience to come to you. You have to go to them. You also can’t expect yourself to be successful on a platform unless you love using it every day. Lastly, go deep. You’ll need to commit to a daily practice for at least 9 months. We offer much more in-depth training on this very important aspect of business building on social media inside of the Daily Marketing Coach - See more at: samuelsTheRenegadeBlogcom
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